chloro 11 dimethylethyl dimethyl

  • 1,3-Dimethyl Urea CAS 96-31-1
    1,3-Dimethyl Urea CAS 96-31-1

    Packaging:25kgs plastic woven bag Spec: 95%MIN Description /Application: Dimethylurea (DMU) (IUPAC systematic name: 1,3-Dimethylurea ) is a urea derivative and used as an intermediate in organic...

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  • Potassium Iodide CAS 7681-11-0
    Potassium Iodide CAS 7681-11-0

    Packaging:25kgs carton Spec: 99%min &CP Description /Application: Used in photographic emulsions, soap, lithographic printing, organic synthesis, medicine, food additive, etc.

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  • 6-Amino-1,3-Dimethyl-5-Nitrosouracil CAS 6632-68-4
    6-Amino-1,3-Dimethyl-5-Nitrosouracil CAS 6632-68-4

    Packaging:30kg/bag Spec: 98% Description /Application: In pharmaceutical industry, used as intermediate for synthesis of theophylline, caffeine. Also used as photometric reagent for copper.

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  • Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride CAS 5470-11-1
    Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride CAS 5470-11-1

    Packaging:250KGS bag Spec: 99%MIN Description /Application :This product is mainly used as reducing agent and imaging agent, used in the preparation of oxime in organic synthesis, as well as raw...

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  • Dimethyl Malonate CAS 108-59-8
    Dimethyl Malonate CAS 108-59-8

    Packaging:200kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99% min. Description /Application: Used in industry of medicine (such as pipemidic acid), agrochemical and perfume, etc. also used as standard material for...

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