• Acetonitrile CAS 75-05-8
    Acetonitrile CAS 75-05-8

    Packaging:150kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99.9% min. Description /Application: Solvent for synthesis of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and cortisone. Used in Vinyl-based paints, extracting solvent for fatty acid...

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  • 3,3-Dimethylacrylic Acid CAS 541-47-9
    3,3-Dimethylacrylic Acid CAS 541-47-9

    Packaging:25kgs fibre drum Spec: 99% Min Description /Application: Used as intermediate in agrochemical industry.

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  • 2-Chloropropionyl Chloride CAS 7623-09-8
    2-Chloropropionyl Chloride CAS 7623-09-8

    Packaging:250kgs HDPE drum Spec: 98.0% min Description /Application: Intermediate for pharmaceuticals (such as Ibuprofen), also used in synthesis of agriculture chemicals.

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  • Tert-Butylamine CAS 75-64-9
    Tert-Butylamine CAS 75-64-9

    Packaging:IBC drum, ISO tank Spec: 99%MIN Description /Application: tert-Butylamine is an organic chemical compound with the formula (CH3)3CNH2. It is a colorless liquid with a typical amine-like...

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  • 3-Chloropivalic Chloride CAS 4300-97-4
    3-Chloropivalic Chloride CAS 4300-97-4

    Packaging:200kgs HDPE drum Spec: 98% min. Description /Application: In agrochemical industry, used as intermediate for herbicide, such as Clomazone, Oxadiazon; Also used as intermediate in...

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