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  • ISO-butyl Benzene CAS 538-93-2
    ISO-butyl Benzene CAS 538-93-2

    Packaging:20mt iso tank Spec: 99%min Description /Application: Used in organic synthesis. raw material of isobutyl acetophenone which is intermediate of ibuprofen . Also used in the production of...

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  • Tert-Pentanol CAS 75-85-4
    Tert-Pentanol CAS 75-85-4

    Packaging:150kgs plastic drum Spec: 99%min Description /Application: It is mainly used in the production of new kinds of new pesticides such as rust, the frequency, triazolone, triazol, seed...

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  • Acetyl Chloride CAS 75-36-5
    Acetyl Chloride CAS 75-36-5

    Packaging:200kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99% min Description /Application: Used in industry of agrochemical and pharmaceutical. Used in electroplating complexing agent, activator for chlorination of...

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  • Pivalic Acid CAS 75-98-9
    Pivalic Acid CAS 75-98-9

    Packaging:180kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99% min. Description /Application: Used as agrochemical intermediate

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  • Trimethylchlorosilane CAS 75-77-4
    Trimethylchlorosilane CAS 75-77-4

    Packaging:170kgs iron drum Spec: 99%min Description /Application: 1. As the intermediate of silicone oil manufacture, hate water, analytical reagent. 2. Used as gas chromatographic derivatization...

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  • N,N’-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide CAS 538-75-0
    N,N’-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide CAS 538-75-0

    Packaging:25kgs drum Spec:99%MIN Description /Application: N,N'-Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide is a carbodiimide used to couple amino acids during peptide synthesis....

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    Specification :99.5% Package:250kgs/drum Intermediate of Pharmaceuticals,Agrochemicals,Dyestuff,Perfume

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  • Tert-Butylamine CAS 75-64-9
    Tert-Butylamine CAS 75-64-9

    Packaging:IBC drum, ISO tank Spec: 99%MIN Description /Application: tert-Butylamine is an organic chemical compound with the formula (CH3)3CNH2. It is a colorless liquid with a typical amine-like...

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  • 538-93-2

    Isobutylbenzene(IBB) PhysicalProperties Formula: C10H14 Cas No. 538-93-2 Molecular weight 134.22 Color: colourless transparent liquid Odor: N/A Specific Gravity: 0.853g/mL Refractive Index at 20℃:...

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  • Acetonitrile CAS 75-05-8
    Acetonitrile CAS 75-05-8

    Packaging:150kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99.9% min. Description /Application: Solvent for synthesis of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and cortisone. Used in Vinyl-based paints, extracting solvent for fatty acid...

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