110 Fenanthrolin

  • Piperazidine Anhydrous CAS 110-85-0
    Piperazidine Anhydrous CAS 110-85-0

    Packaging:25kgs drum Spec: 99.5%MIN Description /Application: Mainly for the production of intestinal worm medicine piperazine phosphate, citrate displacement piperazine, and fluorine courageously...

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  • Thiophene CAS 110-02-1
    Thiophene CAS 110-02-1

    Packaging:200KGS drum Spec: 99%MIN Description /Application :Thiophene can be used in the manufacture of dyes, medicine and resins. A new broad-spectrum antibiotic cephalosporin is synthesized. It...

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  • Isobutyl Acetate CAS 110-19-0
    Isobutyl Acetate CAS 110-19-0

    Packaging:200kgs HDPE drum Spec: 99% min. Description /Application: Similar to hexone, it is a substitute of above solvent; it is used as the solvent of nitrocellulose varnish; it is also the...

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