102 01 2

  • Aluminium Sulfate CAS 10043-01-3
    Aluminium Sulfate CAS 10043-01-3

    Packaging:25/50/500 kgs bag Spec: 17%MIN Description /Application: Water purification flocculant water treatment agent

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  • 102-01-2

    Acetoacetanilide(AAA) Formula: C10H11NO2 CAS .:102-01-2 Physical Properties Apearance: White toYellowish crystal powder Odor: no data available Melting point: 83-88 °C Flash Point: 162.8°C ,Closed...

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  • Acetoacetanilide 102-01-2
    Acetoacetanilide 102-01-2

    Acetoacetanilide (AAA) 【CAS NO】102-01-2 【Molecular formula】C 10 H 11 NO 2 【Molecular weight】177 【Packing Date】:Net weight 25 kgs white plastic woven bag 【Technique Data】: WHITE TO YELLOWISH...

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  • Acetoacetanilide CAS 102-01-2
    Acetoacetanilide CAS 102-01-2

    Packaging:25-30kgs plastic woven bag Spec: 99% min. Description /Application: Used as intermediate in industry of dyestuff, pigments and agrochemicals, such as to synthesis of Pyrazolone, acid...

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