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Levulinic Acid

Product Details

Levulinic acid (LA)


Levulinic acid,  an intermediate for the synthesis of cefidiazine sodium; Its calcium salt is used to produce drugs to relieve inflammation and pain; Its Ester can be used to eat spices, tobacco and spices; The prepared bisphenol acid can produce water-soluble resin and is used in the papermaking industry to produce filter paper; Used in the production of pesticides, such as plant hormones; It can also be used in the production of dyes and Surfactant


This is our strong product, annual capacity is about 2000mt

Technical Data Sheet:

Chemical Name: Levulinic acid

Formula: C5H8O3

molecular weight : 116.12

Cas No. 123-76-2


m point: 30-33degC(lit.);

b point: 245-246degC(lit.);

density: 1.134 g/mL at 25degC(lit.);

refractive index: n20/D 1.439(lit.);

f point: 280 °F;


Appearance: White to yellowish crystal or colourless to yellowish transparent liquid;

Content: NLT99%

Color (Gardener):< 2

Water: <1%

Heavy metal: <10ppm 

Fe (Fe3+): <10ppm 

Sulphate (SO4 2-): <20ppm 

Chloride (Cl-): <20ppm 

Lactone: <1%


200kgs UN HDPE drum;

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