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TEOF 122-51-0

TEOF 122-51-0

Triethyl Orthoformate 180kgs HDPE drum, or 21mt ISO tank Application: in pharmaceutical industry, react with diethyl malonate to create diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate which is a very important intermediate for Norfloxacin, chloroquine; react with ethyl cyanoacetate to create 2- cyano-3-ethoxy...

Product Details

Product Name: Triethyl Orthoformate

Alias: Triethoxymethane 

UN No.: 2524 

CAS No.: 122-51-0 

Molecular Formula: HC(OC2H5)3

Molecular Weight: 148.20 

Properties:Colorless transparent liquid, sweet taste, melting point< -18℃, boiling point 146℃, relative density 0.891 (20℃),refractive index 1.392 (20℃), flash point 30℃,convoluted with alcohol and ether, slightly soluble and decomposable in water.

Product Storage: Put in a sealed, dry and ventilated place, Guard Against Fire.


Assay (GLC): >99.20%

Color: <10APHA  

Ethyl Formate: <0.20%

Ethanol: <0.30%

Water: <0.05%

180kgs HDPE drum, or 21mt ISO tank

Package Class: Ⅲ. 

Functions: To be used not only as intermediate of medicine and pesticide, pipemidic acid, EMM

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