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DMAU 6642-31-5

This is our strong product, we are the leading manufacturer , have formal EU-REACH registration;

Product Details



Microanized grade, better performance in homogeneously mixing;

ISO9001, ISO14001 certificate, have our own environment protection facility of wast water treatment;

Big state-owned company, stable product quality;

Based on API’s producing line, is the leading manufacturer of DMAU;

Important ingredient for Calcium/Zinc Stabilizer or OBS;

Of higher efficiency, safer, of environment protection, non-toxic, to replace lead salts stabilizer;


6-Amino-1,3-dimethyluracil(DMAU), in pharmaceutical industry, Xinhua, ourselves use it in synthesis

of Theophylline and etc.; also can be widely used as ingredient for PVC heat stabilizer;

Capacity:;It is our strong product, we are the leading manufacturer of it, have formal EU-REACH registration;

Technical Data Sheet:

Chemical Name: 6-Amino-1,3-dimethyluracil(DMAU)

Formula: C6H9N3O2

MW: 155.16

Cas No.: 6642-31-5

Physical Properties:

Color:off-white to yellowish powder;

Specific Gravity at 20℃: N/A;


Purity: >99.0% 

Loss on drying:< 1.0%

Particle size, <45μm: >99.0%


25kgs plastic woven bag;


A. Mechanism:

with melting point of more than 290degC, loss on drying under 200degC of less than 1%, it suits for

PVC’s producing process. Can absorb HCl which is by-produced during producing process of PVC,

can replace Cl- which is not stable. When be used with ZnSt2, can react with ZnCl2 to create metal

complex, then ZnCl2 losses its activity, so can avoid PVC’s color from changing into darker, improve

PVC’s long term stability;

Its basic chemical structure ‘uracil’ is one of the essential nucleotides of the human body, has no

hazardous to human;

So it is taken as PVC heat stabilizer of high-efficiency and safety;

B. DMAU and ZnSt2:

Stabilizer of DMAU/ZnSt2 is better than stabilizer of CaSt2/ZnSt2 on both initial whiteness and long

term stability; DMAU/ZnSt2 is of systematic stability, its efficiency is better than that of CaSt2/ZnSt2,which is of synergistic stability;

C. DMAU and Hydrotalcite(or Aluminosilicate):

To add 3-4% of DMAU and 8-10% hydrotalcite(or Aluminosilicate, whose cost is lower) into

Calcium/Zinc stabilizer, it can improve PVC’s initial colorless, and is more economic;

D. DMAU and Stearoyl benzoyl methane:

DMAU can improve PVC’s initial colorless and long term heat stability, so is Stearoyl benzoyl

methane; when preparing PVC stabilizer, DMAU can replace stearoyl benzoyl methane, DMAU can be

used together with stearoyl benzoyl methane also;

E. History of DMAU:

The world main producers of PVC stabilizer are cooperating with us. Accompany more and more

countries forbid to use lead salts PVC stabilizer, it will be used more and more widely; Based on the

API caffeine’s production line, we are the leading manufacturer of DMAU.

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