• NBPT 94317-64-3

    NBPT 94317-64-3

    N-(n-butyl)-thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) Formula: C4H14N3PS CAS : 94317-64-3 Storage condition: Store at dry & ventilated place at low temperature Specifications Apearance: White to...

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  • Pivaloyl Chloride 3282-30-2

    Pivaloyl Chloride 3282-30-2

    Pivaloyl Chloride Clicks:5076 [Other names]: Pivalyl chloride, trimethylacetyl chloride or 2,2-dimethyl propionyl chloride [Molecular Formula]: C 5 H 9 OCl [Structural Formula]: [CAS N0]:...

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  • 75-98-9 Pivalic Acid

    75-98-9 Pivalic Acid

    Pivalic Acid Clicks:14740 [Other names] : Trimethylacetic acid, neopentanoic acid, tert-valerate acid or 2,2-dimethylpropane . [Molecular Formula]: C 5 H 10 O 2 [Structural Formula]: [CAS NO]:...

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  • Pivalic Acid

    Pivalic Acid

    Pivalic Acid Formula: C5H10O2 CAS. 75-98-9 Standards Apearance: White crystal Essay >99.5% Water:<0.2% Package 180kgs plastic drum. 14.4mt in 1*20'fcl with pallets. Application For the...

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  • TNBT 5593-70-4

    TNBT 5593-70-4

    Titanate (IV) n-butyl [TNBT]

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  • Chloroacetyl Chloride 79-04-9

    Chloroacetyl Chloride 79-04-9

    Specifications Assay 99%min. (GC) Dichloroacetyl chloride 0.5%max. (GC) Packing 250Kg HDPE drum Application: Manufacture of chlorophenone(tear gas) and preparation of amino acids. Used as...

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  • Chloroacetyl Chloride

    Chloroacetyl Chloride

    Chloroacetyl Chloride Formula C2H2Cl2O MW 112.94 Cas# 79-04-9 Physical Properties Color Colorless liquid Specific Gravity 1.419 Refractive Index 1.453 Boiling Point 105-106degC Melting Point...

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  • TMOA 1445-45-0

    TMOA 1445-45-0

    It is our strong product, production capacity is around 10000mts/year.  Our normal package is 180kgs/steel drum and 14.4mts in 1*20'fcl with pallets.

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  • TMG 80-70-6

    TMG 80-70-6

    Application an important chemical raw material: in pharmaceutical industry, Xinhua, ourselves use it for synthesis of antibiotics, it can dissolve pharmaceutical interm ediates, such as 7-ADCA,...

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  • 1-CHLOROBUTANE CAS 109-69-3

    1-CHLOROBUTANE CAS 109-69-3

    Specification :99% Intermediate of Germicide

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    Specification :99.4% Intermediate of Weedicide

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    Specification :99.5% Intermediate of Organic synthesis , refrigerant

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